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Wrongful Death

Court Gavel Wrongful death generally means a lawsuit is filed when the wrongful conduct of a person or entity results in the death of another person. Like personal injury, this area of law can involve every area of tort practice – from premises liability or highway disasters to dangerous products on the market – but your first step should be to consult with an experienced wrongful death attorney. Anderson & Mitchell will help determine first, who is the personal representative authorized to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the estate of a deceased person against the persons or entities responsible for the victim's death. Second, we will strategize and work tirelessly to attain a just verdict or settlement.

Unlike a personal injury case, where the injured person is one of the plaintiffs, in the case of a wrongful death action, the family members bring the lawsuit for the wrongful actions. Oftentimes, it is the victim's surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents who are the plaintiffs and are entitled to monetary damages that result from the victim's death. Generally, lawsuits are allowed under survival statutes which allow a victim's survivors to bring a cause of action after the victim dies. Certain laws in Washington govern the time frame in which a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed. Depending upon both the plaintiffs and the defendants involved, the deadlines vary. Anyone with a potential case should consult the lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell to determine what law or laws apply to them.

Various types of monetary damages may be recovered. Anderson & Mitchell can assess the merits of the case as well as the potential damages, including loss of companionship, loss of future earnings, and pre-death pain and suffering which may be sought in such an action. For example, it is common to take the victim's earnings at the time of his or her death and calculate the remaining years that person was expected to live to determine future lost earnings using life expectancy tables as well as experts who figure what is known as present cash value and the investment value of that money. If the decedent had a will, that must also be examined. The lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell can determine whether punitive damages are available. These damages are meant to punish a defendant for intentional or egregious conduct.

Anderson & Mitchell represents people in wrongful death actions. Mr. Mitchell has been practicing in this area of law for years and recently won a 4.3 million dollar verdict for an individual killed in a construction accident. Mr. Anderson recently obtained a confidential settlement for the wrongful death of a fisherman off the coast of California.

The law firm's goal is to obtain a fair and just result. The civil justice system can do so through financial compensation. The lawyers at the firm are dedicated to finding answers to its clients' questions and obtaining a just solution to the matter.

If you have questions about wrongful death of a family member or loved one and would like more information about how to proceed, contact the experienced lawyers at the law firm of Anderson & Mitchell, PLLC by email at ba@andersonmitchell.com or by phone at (206) 436-8490.

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I'm so glad the lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell were there for me. The result of their work has changed my life! I can now move on with my life without financial worry. I'd recommend Anderson & Mitchell to anyone who needs a good lawyer! Eric W.
I was very pleased how Mr. Anderson kept me informed of the progress of my case. He was easy to talk to and took the time to explain things. My injury case was settled in a very professional manner and I was pleased with the outcome. Thank you! Dana B.
My case was unusual and needed creative lawyers to see it through. Bob and Wayne were there for me every step of the way. I have since referred several friends to them for legal help. They do a great job! Randy N.