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Seattle Personal Injury and Maritime Lawyers

At the Seattle law firm of Anderson & Mitchell, we offer premier legal representation to individuals and their families who have been hurt or killed by the wrongdoing of others. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients - to ensure that they are "made whole." At Anderson & Mitchell, we take great pride in working on behalf of our clients. We have represented crew members injured while working at sea, workers injured in catastrophic industrial accidents, drivers and passengers injured in severe automobile accidents, passengers injured on various ships and cruise liners and those injured through simple slip and fall accidents. If you, or someone you know, has been injured, call the lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell.

Maritime Law

At Anderson & Mitchell, we know experience is important in representing our clients. And when it comes to maritime experience, we are unparalleled. Captain Anderson currently holds a US Coast Guard license as Master, Unlimited. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked out of the Port of Seattle on research vessels, cargo ships and a factory trawler in the Bering Sea. Bob’s knowledge of maritime operations is extraordinary. If you have a question regarding an injury, give Bob a call. Mr. Mitchell also has broad maritime experience. Wayne formerly held a Third Mate’s license, having sailed for years on NOAA hydrographic and research ships. Both Bob and Wayne have an expert’s knowledge of the standard of care on oceangoing vessels and stand ready to help you. Our Seattle maritime injury attorneys have represented hundreds of people who have been injured while at sea. Whether you are a crew member hurt on a boat or an injured passenger on a cruise line, give us a call.

Car Accidents

Traffic collisions are the most common cause of major injury today in the Seattle area. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to collisions, including texting while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication, sleep deprivation and just plain poor judgment. If you have been injured in a car accident, call the attorneys at Anderson & Mitchell. They have handled hundreds of cases and stand ready to get you the justice you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents

That’s Mr. Anderson with his BMW R1200GSA. Having ridden for over 30 years, Bob knows motorcycles. He will tell you that motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in that they’re generally more serious and, more often than not, caused by another driver’s negligence. Maybe the other driver was distracted, maybe he was looking the other way or expecting to see a car and didn’t see you. In the end, no matter how good of a motorcycle rider you think you are, your riding skills won’t help if a driver didn’t see you. If you were in a motorcycle crash, call the experienced Seattle lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell.

Premises Liability

In Washington State, a property owner or tenant is responsible to pay monetary damages for injuries caused by an unsafe condition on that person’s property. The level of care the property owner or tenant must show differs according to the “status” of the injured party. Whether the injured party is a trespasser, a social invitee or a business invitee, the level of care differs and is case specific. Slip and falls are the most common type of premises liability injury. Other types include snow and ice, dog or other animal bites, swimming pool accidents, dangerous stairs and many other dangers. If you have been injured on the premises of another, call Anderson & Mitchell for an explanation of your rights under Washington law.

Construction Accidents

When a worker experiences an on-the-job injury, he or she typically receives medical treatment and some limited lost income through the state worker's compensation system. In exchange, the worker has no right to pursue a negligence claim against the employer. However, in many instances, the injured worker can bring a claim against third parties for his pain and suffering and other uncompensated damages. Anderson & Mitchell has represented injured workers and their families in their efforts to obtain just compensation.

Cruise Ship Injuries

The cruise ship industry is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors, with new, larger vessels recently added to the fleet or under construction. Cruise ship injuries to passengers and crew can involve a wide variety of circumstances, from slip and falls near a pool or restaurant, to medical malpractice by the ship's medical staff, or injuries occurring due to heavy weather or even during shore excursions. The law that applies to such injuries can be complicated, and often requires careful analysis. At Anderson & Mitchell, we are experienced in pursuing these claims and have successfully sought compensation for injured passengers and crew members before state and federal courts.

General Business Litigation

Partnerships, joint ventures and contractual relationships can give rise to a wide variety of business disputes that result in litigation. The attorneys at Anderson & Mitchell are experienced litigators that have handled a variety of business disputes in state and federal courts as well as private arbitration.

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We recognize that the law is complex and those considering a lawsuit will have all kinds of questions about how the process works and what they can expect. At Anderson & Mitchell, our Seattle maritime injury lawyers listen to our clients, answer all their questions, and advise them about how to move forward. We're the good guys. We genuinely care about our clients and we're here to help them get the justice they deserve. Leave it to us to deal with the insurance companies, the defense lawyers and those wishing to minimize your claim. Our job is to make sure you achieve the best possible result. Give us a call.

Our Team
Attorney Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson

Bob practices in the area of personal injury litigation, including Jones Act maritime injuries. His extensive maritime experience gives him a unique perspective in the area of maritime injuries..

Attorney Wayne Mitchell
Wayne Mitchell

Wayne primarily practices in the areas of plaintiff's personal injury law, including maritime injuries suffered by crew members and cruise ship passengers, automobile accidents and construction site injuries...

Client Reviews
I'm so glad the lawyers at Anderson & Mitchell were there for me. The result of their work has changed my life! I can now move on with my life without financial worry. I'd recommend Anderson & Mitchell to anyone who needs a good lawyer! Eric W.
I was very pleased how Mr. Anderson kept me informed of the progress of my case. He was easy to talk to and took the time to explain things. My injury case was settled in a very professional manner and I was pleased with the outcome. Thank you! Dana B.
My case was unusual and needed creative lawyers to see it through. Bob and Wayne were there for me every step of the way. I have since referred several friends to them for legal help. They do a great job! Randy N.
Case Results
$4,500,000 Explosion at worksite resulting in wrongful death of father with spouse and two children.
$2,000,000 Cruise ship personal injury.
$1,800,000 Confidential child abuse settlement.
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